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Name:Stargate Command - A Stargate Dressing Room
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Stargate Command

A Stargate Dressing Room

* No application process Just jump right in and start playing! Multiples and alternates of characters are allowed from every series.

* No drama please We get that you may not like a certain player but don't bring that into the DR please. If you really have a problem, bring it up with the player. And if that doesn't work out, message a mod. This is roleplay and roleplay is about fun.

* Adult content None of this part should be too hard to remember. Smut is allowed but please, put it behind a cut and friend lock it to the community. There's even a tag for it: 'smut'. Use it. Underage sex is NOT allowed. The mods will delete the post. Try it again and we'll remove you from the community.

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